Cyber Insurance: Necessary, Expensive, and Confusing as Hell

During ABA Techshow, I sat down with experts Judy Selby and Sharon Nelson about cyber risk management and why cyber insurance is a must-have for a law firm. They took me through why cyber insurance is necessary, expensive and confusing as hell. 

ABA Techshow 2018

My first ABA Techshow as editor is in the books. I didn't write anything this time - instead, I was in charge of editing the stories that came in and coordinating our coverage. But, I still managed to get the now-traditional picture of me looking at my laptop and typing away like a madman. 

The dangers of digital things.

 The driverless cars are coming! (image via  Wikimedia Commons )

The driverless cars are coming! (image via Wikimedia Commons)

As robots, computers and software become more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, performing tasks that used to be the sole province of humans, it’s fair to wonder whether the laws and regulations designed to protect those humans are sufficient or whether new laws are necessary.

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The Sanchize

The Sanchize

After Robin van Persie joined Manchester United in 2012 and helped carry the club to its 19th and last league title (to date), Arsene Wenger was so stung by the implication that he may have gift-wrapped a championship to his longtime rival, Sir Alex Ferguson, he vowed never to sell another player to United again.

That lasted six years. 

On Monday, Arsenal, once again, sent its talisman to Old Trafford as Alexis Sanchez officially joined in a rare player-for-player trade for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The deal, reportedly, will involve no transfer fee, meaning United was able to land a world-class talent and proven Premier League goal scorer for a player that was languishing on the bench. 

Digital Dangers

 Are you safe? (image via  Pixabay )

Are you safe? (image via Pixabay)


I have the distinct privilege of editing the ABA Journal’s year-long special feature on cybersecurity and the law. My role is mainly editing and planning and I won’t be doing much (if any) writing. Except for co-writing this: 

Large law firms' secret information from big-money clients entice cyberthieves.

Album Review: "Who Built the Moon?" by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Album Review: "Who Built the Moon?" by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

While his brother retreated to more familiar confines to great acclaim and success, Noel Gallagher decided to push the envelope. Perhaps he felt that, after a lackluster (and conventional) sophomore effort, he had nowhere else to go and needed to experiment. Perhaps he knew what Liam was going to do and decided to write an eclectic collection of dance songs and psychedelic tunes to remind everyone who was the real talent in the family. Perhaps he went to the barber one day and decided he loved the sounds of scissors shearing and wanted to build an album around it. 

Either way, Noel Gallagher deserves credit for his willingness to experiment. But was he successful?