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 Thumbs up! (image via  Pixabay )

Thumbs up! (image via Pixabay)

After losing the California governor’s race in 1962, Nixon announced the end of his political career, and he accepted a partnership in a prestigious New York City law firm. He became a valuable rainmaker for the firm, and he used his position to reconstitute his political base with wealthy contributors, a deep and talented campaign staff, and enhanced international experience. This culminated in his victory in the 1968 presidential campaign. The assistant managing editor of the American Bar Association’s trade journal, Li provides an excellent, straightforward narrative of how this transpired. The author places these transformational years within a quick survey of Nixon’s prior political career and a brief overview of his two administrations. The consistency of Nixon’s talents and flaws is evident in each phase of his career. The final chapter treats former colleagues and legal issues of the firm during Nixon’s presidency. The epilogue touches on recent presidential players’ engagements with prestigious law firms. Although this focused and manageable account relies more on interviews and printed sources than on extensive archival research, it deserves consideration in competition with John Farrell’s or Evan Thomas’s recent, massive Nixon biographies.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. General readers; upper-division undergraduates through faculty. 

How Nixon used a law firm stint to resurrect his political career and win the presidency (podcast interview).

I was a guest on ABA Journal's "Modern Law Library" podcast to talk "Nixon in New York." It was a blast - albeit weird being on the other side of an interview, for once. 

Gallery: "Nixon in New York"

 Richard Nixon's official Presidential portrait (image via  WikiMedia Commons ).

Richard Nixon's official Presidential portrait (image via WikiMedia Commons).

Also from ABA Journal: an image gallery (complete with factoids) about several major themes in Nixon in New York.

"Nixon in New York:" A new book looks at how a law firm stint revived his political and presidential prospects. (ABA Journal excerpt)

 Richard Nixon campaigns in 1968 (image via  WikiMedia Commons ).

Richard Nixon campaigns in 1968 (image via WikiMedia Commons).

An excerpt of Nixon in New York that was published in the May issue of ABA Journal. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues at the Journal for running it!

Q&A: Stephen DiCarmine attorney talks about her client's acquittal in Dewey criminal trial.

 Some bad juju on that sign... (image via  Wikimedia Commons ).

Some bad juju on that sign... (image via Wikimedia Commons).

Rita Glavin, partner at Seward & Kissel, spoke to me after a Manhattan jury acquitted her client, former Dewey & LeBoeuf executive director Stephen DiCarmine.