Album Non-Review: "The Endless River," by Pink Floyd

 At least the album cover is cool. (image via  Ian Burt )

At least the album cover is cool. (image via Ian Burt)


Couldn't do it.

The idea of listening to a "new" album that's really just one hour of instrumental "ambient music" from twenty years ago sounded as appealing to me as drinking motor oil, playing in traffic or watching "Rocky V." Plus, we're talking about stuff recorded by the weakest incarnation of the band that wasn't good enough for "The Division Bell," the slightly better of the two Gilmour-era albums. Plus, I don't buy that this is really the final album for Pink Floyd. Especially with so much unreleased material sitting in the vaults

So maybe we'll see another album combed from the archives - maybe one consisting of unreleased animal noises that didn't make it onto the beginning of Pow R. Toc H. Why not? After all, people are buying this album in droves

Anyway, I prefer to think of this as Pink Floyd's farewell: 

Victor Li

chicago, il