London Calling

 A commemorative flag flying at Runnymeade. (image via me)

A commemorative flag flying at Runnymeade. (image via me)

I recently went to London to cover the 800th anniversary celebration of the sealing (no, King John never signed it- but I bet he still had that sourpuss expression on his face) of the Magna Carta for the ABA Journal. I may have also made a detour to Manchester to see Old Trafford (I also had the chance to see Take That in concert, but my wife never would have forgiven me for going without her). Anyway, here are the stories that came out of it:

- How Different Would Our World Be Without Magna Carta?

- UK and US Legal Systems Both Sprung from the Magna Carta, but Many Jurisdictional Differences Exist.

- Human Rights Lawyer: Magna Carta's Inspiration has Been Subverted by Powers That Be.

- Where Rule of Law is Present, Corporations can Invest and Promote Human Rights, Panelists Say.

- After 800 Years, What's Next for the Magna Carta?

- Magna Carta's 800th Birthday Brings Vows of Rededication to its Ideals.

And here's a Storify of my live-Tweets from the event:

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