Pearl Jam is going into the Rock Hall of Fame? Wow, I Feel Old.

I don't understand how the Rock Hall of Fame makes its decisions as to which band members to induct. I agree with Dave Abbruzzese that he should be going into Hall. As the drummer during the absolute zenith of Pearl Jam's career, it can also be argued that the band was never better than it was with Abbruzzese. He played on, quite possibly, the two best Pearl Jam albums not named "Ten" - although my personal favorite is probably "Yield," which was recorded after he was fired over "personality conflicts." There's no question he's a Hall of Famer and was unjustly robbed of this moment in the spotlight. Then again, the fact that he cared so deeply about an honor that is, pretty artificial says a lot about why he was sacked from the band, in the first place. 

Victor Li

chicago, il