Lifetime Achievers

 This is one honor that Maddux, Glavine and these others won't be earning... (image  Wikimedia Commons )

This is one honor that Maddux, Glavine and these others won't be earning... (image Wikimedia Commons)

During my time at American Lawyer Magazine, I got to write three "Lifetime Achiever" profiles. Much like your typical "lifetime achievement" awards, ALM would give awards to several lawyers every year and recognize them for their contributions to the legal profession. I always enjoyed writing these profiles since it gave me the opportunity to learn about legal history. Plus, these guys are lifetime achievers for a reason. They've all had interesting careers and did many truly impressive things.

2010 Lifetime Achiever: Joseph Bell, Hogan Lovells. I was shocked to learn about all the things that Bell, a pro bono superstar, had accomplished - particularly when it came to helping developing countries set up their governments and manage their resources. And he's still going strong. 

2012 Lifetime Achiever: Dick Wiley, Wiley Rein. A true giant in the telecommunications industry. He led the effort to convert TV signals to digital, paving the way for those HD TVs we all love so much. 

2013 Lifetime Achiever: Stu Eizenstat, Covington & Burling. During my time at American Lawyer, there were two instances where I interviewed a lawyer and came away completely in awe. The first was when I spoke to Ted Olson for a story about the Youtube/Viacom litigation. The second was when I spoke to Eizenstat. His work getting restitution for Holocaust victims would be enough to write about, but there were many more accomplishments that I simply didn't have room to include. For instance, he served under Presidents Carter and Clinton and negotiated many important treaties and international agreements, including the Kyoto Protocol and the Transatlantic Agenda with the European Union. He also told me a nice story about Hubert Humphrey, whose presidential campaign he worked for in 1968, that I'll keep to myself. 

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