The Dangers of Digital Things: Self-driving cars steer proposed laws on robotics and automation. (ABA Journal, March 1, 2018). 

Civil Rights Lawyers From the 1960s Have Lessons for Today's Social Activists. (ABA Journal, August 1, 2017). 

The 14th: A Civil War-Era Amendment Has Become a Mini-Constitution for Modern Times. (ABA Journal, May 1, 2017). 

Could Health Secretary Tom Price kill Obamacare from the inside? (ABA Journal. April 4, 2017). 

Legal Advertising Blows Past $1 Billion and Goes Viral. (ABA Journal, April 1, 2017).

Trump and GOP seem poised to usher in sweeping changes in immigration policy. (ABA Journal. January 23, 2017). 

Repealing and replacing Obamacare might not be as simple as Republicans thought. (ABA Journal. December 22, 2016). 

- 50-Year Story of the Miranda Warning has the Twists of a Cop Show. (ABA Journal, August 1, 2016).

- A New Dawn for Cuba as it Opens for Business. An abrupt departure from the status quo means Cuba is now open for business. (ABA Journal, June 1, 2016).

- Tech Trekkers. Some law firms travel outside law practice to avoid their "Kodak moment." (ABA Journal, April 1, 2016).

Metrics Can Tell the Tale of a Firm's Fate (co-authored with Edwin Reeser). Are there stats that can predict when a law firm will succeed ... or fail? (ABA Journal, January 1, 2016). 

- Have We Reached the End of the Partnership Model? Fundamental changes are turning firms from collegial to corporate. (ABA Journal, August 1, 2015). 

- The Probers: Meet The Lawyers Behind High-Profile Investigations. (ABA Journal, May 1, 2015).

- Dewey’s Judgment Day: As the legal giant disintegrated, its leaders continued to sell how great things were. (ABA Journal, February 1, 2015).

- Looking Back on Zubulake, 10 Years Later. (ABA Journal, September 1, 2014).

- First in Fighting for Facts: Newspaper Counsel Takes on New Jersey Governor Personally. (ABA Journal, July 1, 2014).

- Who owns the law? Technology reignites the war over just how public documents should be. (ABA Journal, June 1, 2014).

- NBA owner Donald Sterling suspended for life, and experts say his legal options are limited. (ABA Journal, April 29, 2014).

- Smartphone Kill Switch Campaign Gathers Momentum. (Law Technology News, October 21, 2013).

- Putting Windows on Macs. (Law Technology News, October 18, 2013).

- On Cue: Apple Acquires Personal Assistance App. (Law Technology News, October 4, 2013).

- ObamaCare Technology Security Testing Is Months Behind Schedule. (Law Technology News, August 7, 2013).

- Oakland Approves Funds for High Tech Surveillance. (Law Technology News, August 6, 2013).

- Washington State Turns Up the Privacy for Social Media. (Law Technology News, July 30, 2013).

- From Permanent Resident to Citizen There's an App for That. (Law Technology News, July 12, 2013).


How the Radical Movements of the 1960s Changed the Law and Challenged the Status Quo. Attorney and activist Paul Harris talks about his work stretching back to the 1960s, including defending high-profile clients like Huey Newton. (Legal Talk Network, July 2017).

- Clio Cloud 2016: Artificial Intelligence and the Law. How artificial intelligence can be used in law and how law firms can capitalize on this emergent technology. (Legal Talk Network, September 2016). 

Clio Cloud 2016: Changing Law for Thinking Machines. I chat with Fastcase CEO Ed Walters about the “robot revolution” and how the law might have to change to handle machines. (Legal Talk Network, September 2016). 

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way Lawyers Practice Law. Artificial intelligence has long been a tool for lawyers to perform their tasks more efficiently. However, the technology has advanced to the point where computers can now perform many of the tasks that were once the exclusive domain of humans. (Legal Talk Network, March 2016). 

Magazine Features:

- Am Law 200 Overview. Second Hundred firms are on a hiring binge. What’s not certain is when—or whether—it'll pay off. (American Lawyer Magazine, June 2013).

- Canada Market Report. "If You Build It, They Will Come." Preparing for the 2015 Pan American Games, Toronto is relying on a distinctively Canadian deal form: the public-private partnership. (American Lawyer Magazine, November 2012)

- "Romney's Lawyer." Ropes & Gray chairman R. Bradford Malt and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney have a two-decades-long friendship that has benefited both men. (American Lawyer Magazine, June 2012)

- Lateral Report 2011. "This Time It's Personal." Lateral partner movement was up significantly in 2011, but it wasn't because of a thriving economy. Instead, law firms got desperate. (American Lawyer Magazine, February 2012).

- Midlevel Associates Feature. "Under Pressure." It's good news and bad news for midlevel associates. There's more work, but hiring is still slow. At least wages are going up again. (American Lawyer Magazine, September 2011).

- "IP Boutiques: Open for Business." Some smaller specialty shops have closed their doors in recent years, but others are very much alive. (American Lawyer Magazine IP Supplement, September 2010).

Newspaper Stories:

- "Judge Narrows Challenge on Ban on Ultimate Fighting." A federal judge trimmed a lawsuit brought by mixed martial artists in New York arguing that the state ban on MMA events is unconstitutional. (New York Law Journal, August 2012).

- "Suit Challenges Ban on Mixed Martial Arts." The Ultimate Fighting Championship turns to litigation in hopes of lifting ban on MMA events in New York. (New York Law Journal, November 2011).

- "New Challenges to DOMA Filed in Connecticut and New York." Paul Weiss, Sullivan & Worcester, Jenner & Block and GLAD team up in hopes of striking down section 3 of DOMA. (New York Law Journal, November 2010).

Web Pieces:

- As Gun Debate Grows Second Amendment Champion Gura Girds for Battles Ahead. Alan Gura's victories before the Supreme Court in Heller and McDonald have made him the go-to guy as gun-rights advocates look to expand the Second Amendment rights in the shadow of the Newtown massacre. (Am Law Daily, February 2013).

- Kirkland Records Clerk by Day, Hero by Night. Ramiro Ocasio risks his life to save a stranger from getting hit by a New York city subway train. (Am Law Daily, January 2013).

- Alabama High Court Okays Suit Against Pfizer for Failure to Warn of Generic's Risks. Generic drug plaintiffs find a way around Pliva v. Mensing. But will it stick? (Litigation Daily, January 2013).

- Chevron Shocker: Judge Says Plaintiffs Bought $19 Billion Ecuador Judgment for $500K. The latest twist in the ongoing Chevron litigation. (Litigation Daily, January 2013).

- Romney, Ropes, and Bain and the Ties that Bind. Mitt Romney's ties to Bain Capital may have cost him the South Carolina primary. And it put an unwanted spotlight on his tax situation, which is managed by Ropes & Gray chairman Brad Malt. (Am Law Daily, January 2012).

- Embattled Weiner Turns to Baker & Hostetler Partner. In the wake of his Twitter-scandal, Anthony Weiner turned to an old friend for legal representation. (Am Law Daily, June 2011).

- Arizona Hires Paul Clement to Defend Immigration Law. Paul Clement may have left King & Spalding for a smaller firm, but that doesn't mean he's downsizing his practice. (Am Law Daily, June 2011).

Magazine Stories:

- "With Strings Attached." Are Regulators Blocking More Deals, or Does it Just Seem that Way? (American Lawyer Magazine, April 2012).

- "The Electronic Eye." Will Computers Replace Humans in Document Review? (American Lawyer Magazine Litigation Supplement, November 2011).

- "Howrey: Surviving the Shipwreck." What to do when your firm goes under? (American Lawyer Magazine, April 2011).

- "Challenging a Student Lender Head On." New York lawyer Josh Fensterstock takes on student lenders. (American Lawyer Magazine Student Edition, October 2010).

- "Mixed Reviews for Zubulake II." Two judges differ on how to penalize flawed e-discovery efforts. (American Lawyer Magazine Litigation Supplement, September 2010).

- Hit the Boss Button - April 28, 2010. It was briefly reprinted in: The Twin Cities Pioneer Press on April 29, 2010, The Denver Post on April 29, 2010, and The El Paso Times on April 29, 2010.