Coverage of 2017 ABA Techshow

Mar, 27, 2017
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“How many stories about AI and law have you seen where there’s a Terminator pic in it?” Fastcase CEO Ed Walters asked during a panel discussion on robot lawyers. Uh, there may have been a few…

Anyway, I recently covered my fourth Techshow for the ABA Journal. Here are the stories that came out of it:

Preview: ABA Techshow keynote to harness maverick trio

Veterans hackathon and startup competition kick off ABA Techshow.

Net Promoter Score gives lawyers valuable feedback.

If you step away from your legal tasks to learn tech, you’ll stop wasting time at work.

The robot lawyers are coming (to help, not to take your jobs).

Avvo, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer CEOs say their products help bridge access-to-justice gap.

ABA President Klein reaffirms commitment to endangered LSC.

Chatbot to help victims of military sex trauma wins Tech for Justice hackathon event.

60 Tips in 60 Minutes focuses on increasing productivity for work and life.

Here’s a Storify of my Tweets from the show.

And, of course, the obligatory photo from Phil Brown. Great pics, as usual!

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