Nicholas Cage: Good or Bad?

Leave it to "Community" to hit us with a question that seems simple but is actually quite complex. The problem is Nicholas Cage can be very good ("Leaving Las Vegas," "Adaptation," "Matchstick Men," "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call"); very bad ("The Wicker Man", most of his post-2009 output where studios just sent his paycheck to the IRS); so bad he's good ("The Rock," "Face/Off," "Con Air"); and so bad even though he's trying to be good ("Captain Corelli's Mandolin"). 

It really is a profound question. No wonder Abed went insane.  


New York Jedi Academy

I shot and edited this for my video reporting class at Columbia. I enjoyed doing this one. And I think it was better than "Attack of the Clones."

I'd recommend watching the video at Vimeo - where it's available in stunning HD.

Bike Polo: No Horses, No Rules - (AUDIO)

 Wow, he looks mad at me. (image via  Doug D, Hardcourt Bike Polo )

Wow, he looks mad at me. (image via Doug D, Hardcourt Bike Polo)

People often think of polo as a refined sport played by wealthy men on horseback. What happens when you replace the horses with bicycles, you throw out a lot of the rules, and you add some WWE-style showmanship? You get bike polo – a fast-paced and anarchic sport that’s gaining a cult following in the United States. Victor Li reports.


Thanks to Ellen London (Columbia J-School '10) for the host intro.

UPDATE (3/18/10): The pic is from the Hardcourt Bike Polo website. There's a comment under it about me needing to get off the decaf, which I found to be pretty funny. If s/he only knew how much coffee I went through on any given day...

Anyone for Croquet? - (AUDIO)

 The croquet players I reported on did not dress like this. (image via  Wikimedia Commons )

The croquet players I reported on did not dress like this. (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Here's a little radio piece I did on the New York Croquet Club. I was hoping to get Morgan Freeman to do the narration, but he was unavailable. As such, you'll have to put up with me, instead.

My Interview with Dwight Gooden - (AUDIO)

My Interview with Dwight Gooden - (AUDIO)

BRONX, NEW YORK - It’s Saturday, October 3 and Modell’s Sporting Goods store is having its grand reopening in Bay Plaza in the Bronx. There’s a long line out the front door as scores of people are waiting to get in, but they aren’t necessarily here for the free giveaways, special promotions, and big sales. Instead, many of them have braved the pouring rain for one reason only: to meet one of their baseball heroes.

Honduran Independence Parade (Audio Slideshow)

Another audio slideshow for class. This time, I covered the Honduran Independence Parade in Crotona Park in the Bronx.