Happy Ninth Anniversary, BB.

by Unfrozen Caveman Law Writer

If I could travel back in time,

I’d relive the moment you became mine.

Your mom saw your ad and knew you were the one we had to get,

Indeed, we loved you from the moment we met.

We knew you were the one who could make our house a home,

And we swore to you that you would never, ever be alone.

No matter what happened, you’d always be safe and sound,

With plenty to eat so your belly would be nice and round.

But mostly, we promised to love and protect you,

Making that commitment was the easiest thing we ever had to do.

The hardest thing was saying goodbye,

Thinking about that day still makes me cry.

If I could go back, I’d cherish every moment we had,

And tell you about everything you’ve missed — good and bad.

You’d hear all about your new little sister and brother,

And be smothered with affection by your father and mother.

But mostly we’d be grateful to spend one more moment with our baby,

And remember how good things were when you were still healthy.

Please know that, whenever you are, you are still very much loved,

And keep watch over your daddy, mommy, sister and brother from above.

So on this ninth anniversary of the day we became a family,

Thank you for everything. We love you and miss you, BB.

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